Striving to become a

Shota Hattori, President, CEO

Shota Hattori, President

Founded in 1956, KKE has created a wide variety of innovations using the "engineering knowledge" which is derived from a "circulation of knowledge". We explore the ways to effectively apply academic knowledge to society. We strive to solve social problems through academic knowledge.
To accomplish this, we merge our "organizational knowledge" which we have developed within our corporate organization, "scholastic knowledge" which we gathered through joint research activities with universities and various research institutions, and "empirical knowledge" which we gained through collaborations with our customers, resulting in the creation of "engineering knowledge". Using this engineering knowledge, we have tackled advanced business themes and technologies.

Through the iteration of these practices, we have developed wide range of business activities including the structural design of buildings (man-made structures), analysis and simulation of natural and environmental phenomena (earthquake, tsunami, wind, etc.), and problem-solving support for our society and communities.

We will continue to strive to become a "design & engineering company" capable of doing business all over the world, by accurately capturing the needs of society and expanding the place (opportunity) and plane (sphere), without being held back by specific fields. Also, since we firmly believe that only high quality can ensure the maximum value, we will continue to pursue high quality in the services and solutions we provide.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous support.

Shota Hattori, President, CEO