XFdtd, 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software

XFdtd Release 7 (XF7) is the market's most modern 3D electromagnetic simulation software for FDTD-based modeling and simulation. It’s tremendously fast by leveraging NVIDIA’s most advanced CUDA-enabled GPUs. And it’s easy to use and engineered to replicate real-world processes.


Antenna Design,Biological Effects/SAR,Electromagnetic Wave,EMI/EMC,MRI,Noise,R&D,Wireless Communication

Solution Overview

First released in 1994, XFdtd is a software developed by Remcom, a leading company in the EM market with simulation and wireless propagation tools for 20 years. As an exclusive distributor in Japan, KKE offers a series of innovative EM software and services.


Built to Support Researchers and Engineers

XFdtd is designed to minimize the operation time of researchers and engineers by employing simple algorisms, reducing repetitive operations, providing output representation that are easy to compare plural simulation results with, and being highly customizable, not to mention the fast solver.

High Accuracy and Fast Solver

In addition to the FDTD method, XACT Accurate Cell Technology resolves the most intricate designs with fewer computational resources. Moreover, XSstream GPU Accelaration dramatically increases the your simulation speed. GPU simulation is dozens of times faster than 1CPU simulation. Faster, more accurate simulations improve the throughput of your designs from start to finish.

Excellent and Accessible Technical Support by Remcom Technologies

Centering the electromagnetic simulation as a core technology, we provide technical solutions and services to various fields, such as special electronic devices, biomedical, large scale simulation, radiowave propagation including geographical consideration, etc. Our rich experiences will support you tackle your challenges.


  • Conventional FDTD Solver
  • Flexible and Powerful Modeling
  • Supporting Data Import from Various CAD Data Formats
  • Fast and Intelligent Meshing
  • Customizable by Scripting Language
  • Modern and Sophisticated User Interface
  • Advanced Parameterization
  • Centralized Management of Simulation Results and Visualization
  • Biological EM Effect Simulation (Bio-Pro)
  • Multi-platform
  • GPU Acceleration

Our Services

  • Technical Support in Japanese
  • Simulation Services

For More Information

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TEL: +81-(0)3-5342-1533
E-Mail: xfdtd@kke.co.jp

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