Tsunami Analysis

Tsunami analysis consulting services based on assumable earthquake scenarios


Damage Estimation,Earthquake,Fluid Analysis,Hazard map,Tsunami Simulation


Solution Overview

As people's awareness on frequently occurring earthquakes rises, considering the potential effect of tsunami is getting very important. The need for a tsunami hazard map is increasing so to plan a evacuation guidance at the time of tsunami disaster.
Utilizing our fluid mechanics problem analysis technologies that have been cultivated over the years, KKE provides analysis and consulting services for the expected tsunami earthquake through numerical simulations. Our analysis consultants with extensive experience will provide a strong support for solving the problem.

Evaluation Items

  • Tsunami Wave Height
  • Estimated Tsunami Arrival Time
  • Inundation Area Identification

Use Cases

  • Assist Urban Disaster Preparedness Planning
  • Tsunami Damage Prediction
  • Hazard Map Development
  • Location Planning of Shelters
  • Risk Assessment for Business Continuity Planning
  • Assist Evacuation Planning for local residents

Analysis Examples

Tsunami Tsunami Wave Height
Tsunami Tsunami Wave Height
Tsunami Intrusion
Tsunami Intrusion

Evacuation simulation

The software integrates tsunami analysis and human behavior simulation. It assists you to draw evacuation planning, considering whether local citizens can evacuate effectively and smoothly to higher grounds before the tsunami arrives. The software allows you to change parameters such as locating temporary shelter and placing evacuation instructors.

The combination of river flood analysis and evacuation simulation will state the current disaster risk and raise awareness of the potential problems. This leads to help examine effective evacuation location or to draw evacuation planning.

We evaluate factors such as;

  • Each location's wave height and flow velocity of tsunami (Tsunami Analysis)
  • Simulate individual behavior during evacuation (Multi-agent Simulation)
  • Evacuation and damage condition in time-series
  • Evacuation using automobile or traffic congestion during Evacuation
    (Combination of traffic simulation and human behavior simulation)

For More Information

Engineering Consulting Sales Dept.
E-Mail: kaiseki@kke.co.jp

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