Engineering Consulting Services for Wind Turbine Towers

As “Ministerial Ordinance for Establishing Technical Standards for Wind Power Generation Equipment” was revised in April 2014, it is mandatory for new wind turbine towers in Japan to be inspected under the construction project review set forth in Electricity Business Act. Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. provides comprehensive engineering services concerning the regulation, from applying to obtaining the approval by the authority.


Construction Project Application,Consulting,Ministry Evaluation Support,Safety Committee,Structural Analysis,Wind Farm,Wind Load Evaluation,Wind Turbine Tower

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Solution Overview

As an independent engineering firm, we are the only design firm in Japan that provides engineering support services for inspection/approval procedure of wind turbine towers established by METI. Having participated in compiling the inspection procedure in a manual and provided training to examination officers of wind turbine towers, we know the bureaucratic procedure in every detail, not to mention evaluation and assessment of tower structures.

From Foundation Design to Inspection Support

●Wind Load Evaluation
The wind load to the turbines and support towers are variant, much dependent on the turbulence caused by geographical factors, like hills, mountains, and capes.
Considering such impacts, we calculate and obtain appropriate wind loads to the tower of a wind power generating system.
●Input Seismic Wave
Studying the historical records of earthquakes and active faults around the site, we create a site-specific seismic wave to conduct time-history response analysis of turbine towers.
●Time-history Response Analysis
In order to evaluate if the wind turbine support tower can withstand earthquakes, we run time-history response analysis of the lumped mass model that represents the wind turbine, using the regulated input seismic wave. The model also reflects the profiles of the soil by using sway and rocking springs.
●Other Engineering Assessment Services
Other engineering assessment services are also available such as evaluate the influence of soil deformation to piles or perform coupled analysis of soil-foundation-tower, all of which are specific to the wind turbine and/or construction site.

The Services Unique to KKE

  • Attend the meetings at Regional Industrial Safety and Inspection Department and handle QAs.
  • Support Ministry evaluation procedure when the turbine is regarded as "specialized equipment".
  • The work can be ordered partially as you like. (i.e. time-history analysis only, tower design only, foundation design only, etc.)
  • Most of the issues/tasks concerning the wind turbine towers can be solved using our variety of calculation software.
     (i.e. creating simulation seismic waves, time-history response analysis, response displacement of piles, coupled analysis of soil-foundation-tower, etc)
  • English and Spanish available.
  • Participating in the committee for writing "The Guidelines for Design of Wind Turbine Support Structures and Foundations".

For More Information

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