GNSS Signal Generator SDR-SAT

Reproduce the satelite signal at any point on the Earth


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Solution Overview

Increased Ease of Validation of Positioning Products and Services

Position information is used in various situations. By sending synthesized and GNSS satellite signals precisely, SDR-SAT helps validation of products and services that are enabled by GPS · GNSS receiver, anytime, anywhere.


SDR-SAT enables you to easily generate the GNSS signals at the receiver position of any point on the earth by a simple GUI operation. By specifying time, satellite constellation, propagation environment and receiving point, you can generate the signals as you like. This will also reduce the expenses of outdoor experiments.

Use Cases

  • Laboratory test of control systems for aviation or drones
  • The laboratory test of the navigation systems, such as automobiles and car-navigation systems
  • Development of smart phone apps with map/positioning functionality
  • Test of a management system of buses, trains, or trucks
  • Experiment of surveying system using GNSS
  • Simulating changes in the satellite position varying with time
  • Research, development and test of positioning algorithm of GPS-GNSS receiver

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