Engineering Consulting Service for Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Design

Over three decades, Kozo Keikaku Engineering has provided seismic evaluation and retrofit design. Our work has accumulated to approximately 1,700 buildings and some 7,000,000m2 of total floor area both for public and private buildings and facilities. We evaluate the seismic capacity of buildings precisely and offer you the best-suited retrofit plan.


Aseismic,Long-period seismic motion,Reinforcement,Retrofit,Seismic Evaluation,Seismic Isolation,Structural Design,Vibration Control

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Solution Overview

Ever since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck Japan in 1995, seismic design for earthquake resistance has become a critical issue. Having caused devastating damages to urban buildings, this mega earthquake brought the urgency of retrofit of seismically vulnerable buildings to the fore. Nowadays, it is common in Japan to conduct seismic evaluation of existing buildings and other structures, so that necessary and sufficient reinforcement measures are installed to vulnerable buildings. Based on our rich experience in Japan, we offer overseas customers with reliable and first-class retrofit plans so that they can reinforce their existing buildings and other structures for disastrous earthquakes.

Our retrofit technologies varies widely, using various aseismic members such as shear walls, steel braces, oil dampers, and column reinforcements, so that we can flexibly correspond to the clients' and the buildings' requirements. Base isolation retrofit is recommended for buildings of great importance such as government buildings, hospitals, etc. because it can isolate the oscillation from the ground and minimize the damage to the building most efficiently. External reinforcement, as a Japanese standard approach, is recommended for schools, factories, and other buildings, allowing building users continuous usage even under retrofit construction.

Combining our accumulated experience for designing with the latest technologies, we can satisfy the customers' needs for seismic evaluation and retrofit.


The Best Reform Category, BELCA Award

KKE has won the BELCA award in the Best Reform category for our design work for the Main Dining Hall Rikkyo Gakuin University. This project exemplified the reform work that went beyond a mere preservation of a building. The building's original form was reproduced precisely, while its functionality was restored to meet today's standards."
Rikkyo Gakuin's Main Dining Hall is one of the historical buildings with extraordinary design in Tokyo. In order to maintain the traditional ambience of this building, KKE adopted a special seismic retrofit method which has never been implemented before. In this method, the existing brick structure is supported by a concrete replacement building, making the rehabilitation work less noticeable. The building's external brick surface and lime plaster internal surface are tied to the replacement building with the existing timber beam, using minimum amount of steel materials or underground beams.

Milestone Projects

  • Seismic Evaluation for Ichimura Memorial Gymnasium (RC, +4 ,-1 floors)
  • Seismic Evaluation for Kumamoto Castle (SRC, +6, -2 floors)
  • Seismic Evaluation for ANA Hotel Matsuyama (SRC, +13, -3 floors)
  • Seismic Evaluation for Nagasaki Riot Squad (RC, +2 floors)
  • Seismic Evaluation on Shinyamashita Urban District Housing 7th Wing, Kanagawa (RC + SRC, +5~14 floors)
  • Seismic Evaluations on 5 tollgates for Toyo Road (Steel Structure)
  • Record on Introduction of Seismic Response Control at Taiwan
  • Retrofit Design, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taiwan
  • Retrofit, Maizuru Joint Government building, Kyoto (RC with direct-mounted outer-frame steel braces, +6 floors)
  • Retrofit, Nippon Institute of Technology (RC with steel frame braces and expansion of crosslink, +3 floors)
  • Retrofit, Kokugakuin University Kugayama Junior and Senior High School (+RC with steel frame braces, 4 floors above)
  • Retrofit, Kudankita Dormitory (RC+SRC with retrofit base isolation, +11, -1 floors)
  • Retrofit Design, Aizu and Tajima Joint Government building, Fukushima (RC with OBD, +4 floors)

For More Information

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