RESP Series, Structural Calculation Software Suite

Inelastic Time-history Analysis Program Suite for Architectural Structures


Antiseismic,Base Isolation,Earthquake Response Analysis,Oscillation Analysis,Preliminary Study,Quake-resistant,Quantification,Seismic Control,Seismic Isolation,Structural Calculation,Structural Design,Super High Rise Building,Vibration Control


Solution Overview

With over 30 years of success in the market, RESP Series is an integrated structural calculation program suite for architectural structures that supports time history response analysis widely used for buildings in Japan and other countries.
It can handle;
◆Stress analysis
◆Seismic Evaluation of super high-rise buildings, base-isolation buildings or oscillation-control structures

Application Examples

-Seismic response analysis and wind analysis of super high-rise buildings
-Structural analysis of base-isolation Structures
-Twin/multi-tower Analysis
-Torsion response analysis of irregular building/structure
-Dynamic elasto-plastic analysis of a non-rigid frame structure
Coupled analysis of soil, pile and a structure(s)
Phase-difference input analysis of a gigantic structure

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