People Counter, A Video-based People Counting System

Capturing "what is really going on" at retail stores. People Counter is a video-based people counting system for retail stores and shopping malls.


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Solution Overview

People Counter is a counting system of number of visitors at stores and shopping malls.
People Counter provides objective visitor count data. Companies can use this permanently accessible count data to optimize their marketing, visual merchandising, and shop operation. Service provider companies and public authorities use this to manage their service availability and personnel deployment.


Simple and Instinctive Web Viewer

Simple and Instinctive Dashboard
The collected data can be stored both in an internal company network (within a management information system) or also in a secure external data hosting system. The data is prepared in the form of a dashboard and provides the management with valuable indications in terms of people counting and conversion rates on an ongoing basis.

People Counter, Web Viewer

Web Viewer, supporting English, Japanese, German, and Italian Languages

Highly Cost Effective

All you need for People Counter is network cameras, which are commercially available, and image processing software. Being easy-to-implement, People Counter provides you a comfortable and is highly cost-effective environment to enhance your shop efficiency.

Easy and Accurate Measurement

The highly-accurate algorithm of Vitracom AG, Germany assures the data accuracy comparable to high-end stereoscopic counting systems.

Counting passers-by

Counting passers-by

Use Cases

  • Validation of advertisement/promotion effectiveness
  • Help understand the purchase rate behavior by sales clerk/service
  • Optimizing staff schedules



Where to Install

  • Shopping malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Clothing stores
  • Cell-phone stores
  • Travel agencies
  • Showrooms
  • Train stations

and others

Consultation and Customization

We provide consulting services associated with People Counter, such as data measurement and analysis.
The challenges below can be solved by customization.

  • Just opened a shop of concept. Need to evaluate if the shop is managed well to meet the original plan.
  • Need to understand the effectiveness of a store campaign of a certain product quantitatively.
  • Would like to consolidate a path for customers to first come to the event area and then proceed to display area.
  • Need to improve the productivity of staff members.
  • To indicate the waiting time at the counter.
  • To capture how much it is crowded in the digital signage area and the viewer ratings of ads.
  • To understand whether or not the tenant composition is dedicating to the facility attractiveness, as well as the synergy/compatibility of tenants.

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