Optimization for Manufacturing and Logistics by Operations Research

In order to ensure profits in the challenging environment of today's manufacturing industry, with its changing needs, shorter product life cycle, and tighter deadlines, the decisive factor is how quickly you can bring to market the products that meet your customers' needs. Our solution to this problem is to make use of simulation and optimization methods by Operations Research(OR).


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Solution Overview

We conduct model building, system building and system evaluation activities using OR methods, including simulation and optimization methods. With our wide range of experience in logistics systems, communication systems, production systems and related areas, we are able to offer services including line balance evaluation of production system, investigation of production and logistics management systems and evaluation and analysis of logistics and SCM (supply chain management), as well as numerous analysis tools.
Some of our numerous projects are listed below.

Multi-product cylinder machining line

  • Raised productivity by removal of obsolete equipment
  • Evaluation of load balance of equipment

Design of automobile PBS (paint body storage)

  • Achieved optimal PBS between painting process and fitting and assembly processes
  • Evaluation and selection of lane selection logic for PBS

Printed circuit board unit assembly line

  • Extraction and measurement of impact of factors that affect lead times
  • Reduced down to 1/3 of the original lead time through streamlining and TOC control

Construction of refrigerated warehouse and one of the world's largest logistics centers

  • Quantitative, time-series evaluation of high-volume, multi-product logistics
  • Able to share images of operations with stakeholders prior to implementation

Case studies

  • Inventory Control

    Review of production processes and order planning to achieve operational efficiency and reduce inventory
  • Capital Investment Planning

    Understanding of production schedule to revise hours of operation and reduce capital investment costs
  • Container Stowage

    Calculation of stowage plan to facilitate adjustment of air cargo loading to minimize unused space
  • Development of system for automatic creation of sea cargo loading plans
  • Design Assistance

    Construction of simulation systems to prevent extra costs due to redesign
  • Material Cutting

    Reduction of material costs by efficient cutting of patterns
  • Delivery and Pickup Planning

    Loading plans for automotive cargo ships that take into account the order of delivery and pickup

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