NavVis, 3D Indoor Mapping and Navigation Platform

Everything starts with a good map. NavVis' accurate turn-by-turn navigation enables you to create 3D indoor maps easily, navigate and explore indoors like never before. Virtual indoor applications are seamlessly integrated with the physical world through custom content and applications.


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Solution Overview

As mobile devices become more and more widely used, mapping and navigation services based on GPS and geographical information have become extremely popular in supporting our everyday lives. However, until now these services were only available outdoors and we have not had reasonable and practical mapping and navigation services for indoors, where more than 80% of economic activities take place.

To solve this problem, NavVis GmbH created a better way of mapping, navigating, and interacting virtually in indoor spaces, using its computer vision-based technology, which is inspired by nature. Together with NavVis, we provide Japanese customers with an efficient indoor mapping platform that replaces GPS.


Capture & Explore

A 3D indoor mapping system that captures and digitalizes all details of a building with high-resolution images (16mil pixels) and 3D point clouds. Applicable to any type of building or underground mall, Indoor Digitalization processes the captured data automatically and a 3D map can be opened in any web browser using IndoorViewer.



A browser-based software that comes free with the purchase of the M3 Trolley. Once mapping has been completed, IndoorViewer allows you to "walk" through the captured spaces and view the high-resolution panoramic images. Various options and tools allow for a deep dive into every single detail of the recorded data. Create individualized maps, perform spatial analyses (measuring distances, volumes, angles), segment objects and perform many more tasks using your favorite software (ESRI, Autodesk, PCL, Meshlab, etc.) by exporting the data in industry standard formats such as PLY or PCD.

Navigation App


Hold up a smartphone for a second and NavVis's patented computer vision algorithms immediately recognize your environment to determine orientation and location accurate to the meter. NavVis intuitively leads the way with virtual reality turn-by-turn navigation.

■Use Cases

Facility Management

Even a gigantic, complex building or a building without blueprints can be digitalized in one day using NavVis. A maze-like floor can be navigated perfectly. Easily connect facility information to location data, quickly locate maintenance sites and perform online planning and task preparation.


Expand real-world retail space affordably and easily using a virtual shopping universe. Increase sales by providing your customers with an innovative virtual shopping environments that present your products vividly.

Construction Management

Quickly and easily capture holistic and complete data on construction sites with NavVis. Track the progress of your site at different stages, and make it available online for full traceability. By sharing your building status online, you can discuss, collaborate, and create transparency.

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