Minitab Statistical Software

The statistical power to improve quality and the confidence to know you’ve done it right.


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Solution Overview

Minitab gives you the confidence you need to improve quality, with features like an interactive Assistant that guides you through your analysis. We specifically designed it to help you succeed at every step of your analysis.

Skip the learning curve

Sometimes your biggest challenge is knowing where to begin. Minitab's Assistant removes any doubt by helping you determine the correct statistical analysis to use. Once you've chosen the right tool, the Assistant identifies all the steps you should take to ensure the results of your analysis are accurate and trustworthy.

Explore your data

Explore your data right in the worksheet. Format columns to instantly identify the most frequent values, out of control points, out-of-spec measurements, and more.

Trust your decisions

Minitab's Assistant helps you confidently respond to your analysis by providing clear reports that help you understand your results and their significance.

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