k-WAVE for Windows: Waveform Plotting and Processing Software

k-WAVE for Windows supports you when you need to

  • - calculate velocity and displacement waveform from acceleration waveforms previously calculated,
  • - calculate response spectra and compare them on a graph,
  • - correct the neutral axis of observed acceleration waveform, etc.


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Solution Overview

k-WAVE for Windows supports seismic waveform plotting and processing based on various calculation techniques.


  • Has a flexible waveform reading function that supports acceleration, velocity, and displacement waveforms in fixed or comma-separated values (CSV) format
  • Has automatic data reading function for the K-NET format by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention in Japan
  • Has multiple waveform processing functions that support differential and integral calculation, filtering, smoothing, etc.
  • Edits and outputs various graphs relevant to waveform processing
  • Compares multiple processing results on a graph
  • Outputs results as a fixed or CSV format file
  • Displays and saves the processing history

Various Calculation Functions

  • Integral calculation: Linear acceleration method, Fourier transform method and Trifunac's method
  • Differential calculation: Fourier transform method and method using Lagrange polynomial
  • Filtering: High, low, and band pass filters
  • Tapering: Cosine and linear tapers
  • Neutral axis correction of acceleration waveform: Trifunac's method, Osaki's method, and correction by averaging
  • Smoothing of Fourier spectrum and power spectrum: Hanning, Hamming and Parzen windows
  • Calculation of measured seismic intensity: Method using Japan Meteorological Agency technique and conversion from PGA/PGV

Processing History Display Function

Confirms the processes that waveform data being processed has already undergone.

Processing History Save Function

Saves work processes as an external file and allows you to resume work where you left off previously.

User-friendly Plotting Function

The same type of data can easily be plotted on the same graph using copy-and-paste. Data output from a separate file can also be read and plotted on a graph.

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