HiramekiWorks, SOLIDWORKS add-in structural optimization software

HiramekiWorks enables designers to perform topology optimization and shape optimization of 3D models designed by SOLIDWORKS. It helps to automatically create an optimum shape that satisfies the design requirements and achieves objectives such as reduction of product weight and cost. We hope that HiramekiWorks will give designers an “Inspiration” to explore and create bold designs!


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Solution Overview

Integration of 2 Non-Parametric Structural Optimization Methods

Automatically Create an Optimized Solid Model after Simulation

Once the optimization simulation is completed with HiramekiWorks, an optimized solid model will be automatically generated based on the simulation result. Designers can use the solid model without making amendments for simulation within SOLIDWORKS.

・ Optimized solid model can be used as it is for simulation within SOLIDWORKS

・ Use SOLIDWORKS Simulation settings to run HiramekiWorks - making simulation settings simple for designers

Topology Optimization Examples

Topology optimization is a structural optimization method based on the density distribution of materials. It creates holes within the structure in areas of low stresses thus it is useful during the development stage or early design stage where the detailed shape is not yet established.

・ Topology Optimization of Monitor Arm

Shape Optimization Examples

Mesh nodes are moved by the shape optimization technique based on the force method (H1 gradient method). This allows the surface of the model to change dynamically to propose an optimum shape.

Shape optimization is suitable for various stages within the design process, such as for creating a detailed design or improving designs of existing components.

・ Shape Optimization of a Table

・ Shape Optimization of a Plate Rib

* HiramekiWorks is a co-developed software between Quint Corporation and KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc.

* This software is developed partially based on the result of Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program (A-STEP) by the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

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