GPS-Studio is an analysis tool for GNSS accuracy in urban multipath environments.


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Solution Overview

GPS/GNSS positioning needs more than four satellites observation information (pseudorange, carrier phase) for estimating user position.
Pseudorange is the time measurement information used by PRN code, which indicates information between satellites and receivers.
Pseudorange includes (1) Ionospheric delay, (2) Tropospheric delay, (3) Multipath delay, (4) Clock delay of satellites and receivers.
GPS-Studio simulates these pseudorange factors and provides theoretical positioning results along with error indicators.

How will GPS-Studio help you?


GPS-Studio provides information when to use GPS/GNSS positioning.
With this in evaluations, you can choose your own designated time to conduct the simulation.

-GPS/GNSS Manufactures

GPS-Studio can output positioning error in evaluating receiver performance with any kind of antennas. It can also be used to calibrate receiver specifications.


Relying only on actual receivers, it is hard to identify factors that cause positioning error. With GPS-Studio, errors can be isolated and analyzed easier.

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