FACTOR/AIM, Production and Logistics Simulator

An easy-to-use simulator specialized for production and logistics systems


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Solution Overview

FACTOR/AIM, a simulator specialized for production and logistics systems, was developed to enable the people who are familiar with the production site to take advantage of simulation.
Its built-in factory models let you quickly and easily perform simulation analysis, not only for setting up new facilities, but also for evaluating changes to day-to-day operational planning and other systematic improvements.
Its built-in cost estimation function lets you calculate the cost of production by simply adding cost parameters to an existing model. It is even possible to allocate indirect costs according to ABC.


FACTOR/AIM is an easy-to-use simulation tool for IE professionals trying to optimize the entire factory and for employees on the factory floor who are in charge of studying improvements and reforming operations, equipped with the following features as standard.

Production "flow" definition

You can create a model the same way you create a process analysis diagram. The models can even handle mixed flows of multiple products.

With a rich set of elements available for representing models, you can define the manufacturing process by simply combining factory components

"Templates" representing processes are provided so that the staff members at production site can use it at ease.

Cost estimation that supports ABC (Activity-Based Costing)

When you enter indirect cost data, fixed cost data such as equipment depreciation and labor, and variable cost data such as operating costs and raw materials, you can conduct analyses of total costs, costs incurred per process, costs per product and inventory valuations in order to understand what needs to be done to reduce manufacturing costs. A variety of rules are provided for allocation of fixed costs in manufacturing cost analysis. ABC (Activity-Based Costing), a precise and reasonable approach for cost calculation, is supported by FACTOR/AIM. It accurately simulates changes in cost structure due to changes in the product mix.


Model generation without programming

Model building can be done by icon placement and menu operations. You can define a model by arranging icons representing resources such as machinery and workers on the screen and then entering work procedures into dialog boxes displayed from menus. When special complex logic is required, AIM status function and C language interface will support you. Creation of animation is completed by arranging icons to define the model, with no extra work required. The animation starts as soon as the model is defined. You can proceed with building the model while checking it visually in the animation. Importing bitmap data for the icons and background, visual representations can be made more realistic.

Material handling functions

The power of FACTOR/AIM is especially apparent in simulation analyses involving material handling systems, such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles), forklifts, conveyors, and cranes. After specifying a starting point and destination point on the screen, you can simulate a series of transport operations such as the following:

Go to starting point for pickup

Select shortest route and transport to destination

Wait for instructions at nearest parking space

It can even take into account delays caused by traffic congestion.
Furthermore, with a single operation from the menu, you can change settings such as the number of vehicles, vehicle speed, loading and unloading time, extra paths, rear-end collision and accident prevention, one-way traffic configuration and route selection strategy.

Output functions

You can check all routes of every process involved from procurement through finished product, including provisioned inventory and production quotas on a per-order basis. This lets you see the current status at a glance, including the progress of an order, how many pieces are available for immediate shipment and when the rest will be ready.

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