Design Automation System Development

Leveraging CAD data, a consistent information utilization of sales, design and production will be acheivable. Our experienced consultants and engineers will help you facilitate a 2D/3D design automation system to improve your business efficiency.


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Solution Overview

In the customer-driven business-oriented manufacturing sector, you need the ability to quickly make proposals in the sales stage and handle diverse requirements specifications.

Our specification design support solution enables rapid proposals to facilitate decision-making by your customers.
At the same time, it enables significant reductions in design costs and lead time by communicating designs seamlessly to achieve collaboration among the sales, design and manufacturing divisions and partner companies.

Best Suited for Industries using DTO

The system is best-suited for the build-to-order manufacturing sector, where design documents are used for decision-making and communication.

If you are using DTO (Design to Order) for determining specifications, this system will be it is targeted at industries that determine specifications by DTO (Design to Order).

Best Recommended for;

  • Construction and civil engineering materials manufacturers and equipment manufacturers
  • Build-to-order manufacturing that requires design work for every order
  • Manufacturing of products that require design work at the sales stage
  • In particular, products that require drawings as a medium of communication
  • Products that require the presentation of drawings, for example in applications for confirmation
  • Manufacturing of products such as system kitchens, system lavatories, housing foundations, power and power generation equipment, heavy machinery, air conditioning equipment (AHU), valves, vending machines, cables/pipes, steel stairs, system baths, office furniture, shutters/doors and elevators

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