Engineering Consulting Services for Base Isolation Design

As a leading company in structural engineering, we offer optimum Base Isolation system by the best-suited combination of bearings and dampers for each building.


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Solution Overview

The concept of isolation structure has been around for decades as a way to reduce seismic sway and damages. It was not until the late 1990's when the technologies started to be implemented into the market. The technologies made it possible to reposition buildings that slide from seismic sway, and also minimize displacement of buildings and ground by major quake. And even today, bearings and dampers with various features are invested to isolate structures from quake sway. We are the leading company that offers optimum Base Isolation system for each building.

Base Isolation Structure

Base Isolation structure absorbs sway energy through Base Isolation layers installed in between the building floor and ground.

Base Isolation Technologies

Base Isolation Technologies

Milestone Projects

  • Hongo Elementary School, Bunkyo Ward
  • Okayama University Hospital
  • Tokai Postal Administration Office Building
  • Tsushima City Hospital
  • Re-Urbanization Project: Asahi Itaya B-District Building Redevelopment (B-1 Wing)
  • Citycorp Masaki Building
  • Project on North-B Wing residential building for Anjo Station

For More Information

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