artisoc, Multi-Agent Simulation Platform

artisoc is a social simulator that lets you analyze dynamically changing social phenomena by reproducing the interaction of human beings on a computer.


Agent-based,Artificial Society,Complex Systems,Decision-making,Emergence,Interaction,MAS,Muti-agent,Social Science

Solution Overview

artisoc is a user-friendly multi-agent simulation platform that even programming novices can handle easily.
As a platform for constructing a multi-agent simulation, which is an approach to analyzing social phenomena and other systems based on human decision-making, it has been adopted as a decision support and analysis tool in a variety of research fields.

The Complex Systems Approach

Traditionally, analysis and prediction of natural phenomena has been pursued using top-down approaches based on the principle of reductionism. However, these existing analytical approaches are understood to be insufficient for handling social phenomena and experience-based decision-making by human beings. The complex systems approach has therefore been attracting attention as a way to model social phenomena.Multi-agent simulation is one of the techniques for analyzing complex systems on a computer. This technique is a bottom-up approach that analyzes the interactions between individual agents who behave according to their own rules.
This model of human decision-making and interaction makes it possible to analyze the various situations formed as a result of interaction of individuals.


  • GUI-based model definition
  • GUI-based mapping (2D, 3D), graphing, and other output settings
  • Debugging features to help with rule description
  • Simple, Visual Basic-like description of behavior rules
  • Many convenient built-in functions
  • Easy output of network and relationship diagrams
  • Allows execution controls such as multiple executions and report output
  • Runs on both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Able to read and write external database, XML, and text files
  • Model files that are created can be freely distributed

Operating Environment

Windows, Mac OS X

For More Information

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