Radio Wave Analysis Application Development

Based on our extensive knowledge and expertise in radio wave propagation accumulated over many years, we carry out development of application software for simulation of electric field strength and analysis of profiles (line-of-sight visibility) in radio wave propagation in domains such as mobile and fixed wireless communications and television broadcasting, with the results superimposed on terrain data and maps to enable visual evaluation.


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Solution Overview

We offer solutions to a variety of problems related to radio waves, utilizing a wide selection of radio wave propagation simulation techniques and software design technologies, as well as programming techniques using functions such as GIS.

Application Areas

  • Electric field strength estimation and interference simulation for mobile wireless
  • Wireless base station placement design support
  • Evaluation of broadcasting station coverage area
  • Broadcasting station placement design support
  • Radio wave interference simulation
  • Shielding evaluation (indoor and outdoor) of radio and electromagnetic waves

Key Technologies

  • Radio wave propagation analysis technology
  • Technology for creating profiles between transmitting and receiving points
  • Technology for determining propagation paths due to mountain diffraction
  • Programming technologies related to standard methods and diagrams
  • Technology related to management and operation of antenna directional characteristics
  • GIS utilization technology
  • Knowledge of international standardization

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