Supply Chain APS System, ADAP

ADAP is a supply chain APS system that visualizes and optimizes your SCM. This WEB-based APS system synchronizes the entire range of supply chain activities.
Structured using an “event-driven” scheme, ADAP can monitor the balance of the whole SCM in real time and realize production control and SCM that can cope with changes.
It is a good fit for a wide range of production management styles, from local factories to global SCM optimization.


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Solution Overview

Today's supply chain in the manufacturing industry has many challenges to solve concurrently, from shortening the manufacturing lead time, reducing inventories, improving delivery time and the ratio of keeping the deadline, to prompt response on available to promise.

Even if you introduced a fully automated IT system, there would be a significant number of adjustments and customizations in order to fit it to your operations. Based on our experience in consulting and establishing production management systems for our clients, our answer to those challenges is ADAP, a supply chain APS system that makes your production flow transparent and traceable.

Key Features

Synchronize All Supply Chain Activities; Purchase, Task Planning, Logistics, and Customer Orders

It is very important to build a consistent and harmonized supply chain by synchronizing all the information related to purchase, inventory, production, and sales. ADAP enables you to obtain the necessary data throughout the whole supply chain and to share it with all members and teams involved. You can capture the required information whenever and wherever, as long as you have a PC connected to your internal network. There is no need to install software in each client machine, or to distribute a dedicated viewer for ADAP. ADAP can be connected to ERP or MES systems. It fits to your system and operation flexibly through customization.

Visualize All Supply Chain Relationships

You can see and understand the relationships of all supply chain activities in ADAP, as if you had a large whiteboard to share with other parties involved all over the world. ADAP represents all supply chain relations, from purchase to shipping, and from raw materials and intermediate products to finished products, by managing all activities using a supply chain BOM. Any unexpected change of plans or operation status is listed in ADAP and can be understood at a glance. This is why ADAP is chosen for complex SCMs worldwide.

Centralized Management by ADAP to Empower and Connect Human and Physical Resources Throughout Your Corporation

By filling the gap among staff members and/or divisions, ADAP will renovate production management by making every employee realize "What is the best improvement for the whole?" and "What is the role of my team in terms of the whole supply chain?" Once the production processes are linked together by ADAP, all employees in all the factories can understand his or her role in a wider perspective. Thus, ADAP ushers in a PDCA cycle for production management that embraces "every participants' attention, consideration, and knowledge of the production site".


Monthly Plan, Master Plan, and Supply/Demand Adjustments

In ADAP, plural levels of planning are available, such as a Monthly Plan, to control the production plan based on order forecasts on monthly basis; a Master Plan, a production plan divided on a daily basis based on the Monthly Plan; and Forecast Demand, which controls the production volume based on the forecast.
Equipped with an automated planning function to create master plans based on a monthly plan as well as the manual adjustment function for PSI (Production, Sales, Inventory) that can flexibly change the master plan in accordance with actual customer orders and sales forecasts, ADAP can respond to demand fluctuation promptly in real time and enables consistent management.

Available-to-Promise Analysis Enabled by Event-driven Scheme

Do you want to know which customer order the mid-product you're working on is for? In ADAP, you can instantly trace the link between PSI throughout the whole process of purchase to production, tell how far production has proceeded for which customer order, and even tell how many products are ready to ship and how long it will take to complete the remaining customer order.
At a time of delay during purchase or production, you can easily trace which workflow would be influenced by the delay. Knowing the impact, you can know which measures to take to recover from the delay. ADAP supports you even during times of urgency.

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