Handling personal information

The Company collects, uses and manages personal information as follows.

1.Gathering personal information

The term "personal information" provided in the Company's Privacy Policy refers to information about an individual such as name, date of birth or other entries as the well as numbers, symbol or any other codes, images and sounds, etc. that enable the identification of said individual (this includes information which, by itself, cannot identify an individual but can be easily compared with other information to identify the individual). When the Company requests personal information from customers, the purpose of the collection is clearly defined and their consent is obtained in advance.

2.Providing and using personal information

The Company uses the personal information collected from the customer only within the range agreed to by the customer and said information is not disclosed nor provided to any third party without the customer's consent. However, the Company may disclose information in the event such a disclosure has been deemed necessary to protect the customer's or the public's life, health, assets or other essential interest or if the courts, police, a consumer protection center or other organization with similar authority makes a legal request.

3.Disclosure, modification and deletion of personal information

The Company shall endeavor to maintain personal information as accurate and up-to-date as possible within the scope necessary for its usage purpose. If the customer requests that the Company discloses, modifies or deletes the personal information provided by that customer, the Company shall respond to the customer's request as soon as possible after verifying that said request was actually made by that customer and no one else.

4.Security measures

To ensure security during a transmission of personal information from the customer via the Site, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to encrypt information preventing unauthorized access. Also, the Company manages personal information strictly according to internal management criteria and takes all appropriate measures to safeguard against its loss, destruction, alteration or leak.


In order to analyze user tendencies in an effort to provide better services on the Site, the Company may send Cookies to the customer's PC via the web browser. Cookies is a small amount of data that the Company's web server sends to the customer's web browser and that is saved in the hard disk to identify that computer. Cookies identify the customer's browser by its original and optional number. Using Cookies does not serve to identify the customer's personal information. It is possible to set the customer's browser to alert the customer or to refuse Cookies in advance whenever the customer is about to visit a website that uses Cookies. However, some websites may not function properly by setting the customer's browser to refuse Cookies.

6.Access log

In the Site, the customer's access information may be recorded in a log which does not contain any information to identify the customer. The Company may use said log to analyze access trends, manage the Site detect user tendencies or collect statistics information for broad purposes.


The Site contains links to several external websites with which the Company does not share personal information. Because the Company is not in any way liable for any collection of personal information effectuated by the websites linked to from the Site, please refer to the privacy policies for each site respectively.

8.Changing our Privacy Policy

The Company may change its Privacy Policy in accordance to revisions in existing laws and statutes as well as to correspond with the conditions of our business activities. In such a case, the most up-to-date Privacy Policy shall be uploaded on the Site.


For inquiries pertaining to personal information protection, please contact the following: p-cc@kke.co.jp