Shareholder Returns

Basic Policy on Profit Distribution

The Company recognizes that returning profits to its shareholders is an important management issue, and makes it a basic policy to pay continuous and stable dividends while taking into account the needs for internal reserves for the strengthening of management base and future business development, thereby setting dividend payout ratio of approximately 50% as targets.

Dividend Information

  • Trends in Dividends

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  • Dividend Yield

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Status of Acquisition of Treasury Stock

Acquisition Period Number of Shares to be Acquired Total Amount of Acquisition
From June 1, 2020
to June 30, 2020
38,200 shares 108,867,800 yen
November 17, 2016 15,000 shares 30,555,000 yen

Retirement of Treasury Shares

Cancellation Period Total Number of Shares to be Retired
August 27, 2020 606,000 shares

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